March 14, 2014
Spanish Abortion Acts Criminalise Autonomy

aborto es un derecho

"I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves."

Mary Wollstonecraft.

In a time when women are quite literally overwhelmed by (redundant) choice; thrusted at them in the form of hair products, heels and hair removal options, one of the few choices which actually makes a significant difference to a woman’s life is in the midst of being snatched away from her here in Spain.

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March 10, 2014


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December 3, 2013
Sophie Van der Perre Interview


Purity, nostalgia and freedom are not normally the words we might associate with the heavily made-up world of fashion photography. Sophie Van Der Perre takes us back to a time when running naked in a field wasn’t a way to liberate ourselves from pernickety perfection, it was simply what all the kids were doing. And it was fun. Escapism…possibly, but no one can deny that Sophie’s images capture something real – an emotion, a memory, a relationship. 


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December 3, 2013
The Pharcyde Interview

IMG 6493

Without a solid confirmation of my interview with The Pharcyde I apprehensively approached the doors of City Hall, ready to protest my case with a pixelated printout of an email and a slightly crumpled sheet of questions I’d just printed in an internet café. The notice on the door read “start time 19.30”, an hour later than scheduled. However, it wasn’t long before the guys pulled up in a fairly unassuming silver people carrier, and no one made a fuss. Someone mentioned that if Justin Bieber had rocked up and sauntered through the crowd there would have been people falling to the floor left, right and centre. But there was something to be said for this silence, like a nod of respect in the presence of greatness.

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September 16, 2013
Hydraulic Fracturing: Fighting Off Our Fracked Future but is Anyone Listening?


Could this be the pivotal point of change that we need in Britain? When sleepers eyes are opened to the injustice, the rogues in charge dealing out and the dwindling democracy that lies before us?

Over 40 days have passed since the start of the protesting at the Balcombe test site, West Sussex where thousands have gathered in protest against the fracking regime. The enemy: Caudrilla. The company’s motive: to extract shale gas from deep underground, using billions of tons of chemically laden water…and to profit from it. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the bigger enemy lies in government as our voices are clearly not being heard over the ching ching of money rolling in from the hills, or rather, from under the ‘frackable’ ground where protesters stand strong.

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September 7, 2013

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July 29, 2013
Gemma Silvestre: With the Mermaids [lamono magazine]


Gemma Silvestre‘s most prominent series entitled Sirens has pulled us deep underwater, attracted by dabbled light and Pre-Raphaelite beauties, only to come up gasping for breath under the hot Spanish sun. Freedom is her inspiration and also her motive as Gemma submerges herself in ‘the house of the fish’, free from the constraints of life, transported back to a time when all one needed to have fun were the waves and a little imagination. When I met up with Gemma to discuss this series and the experiences and projects that brought her here she subconsciously, for a moment, reminded me of a time when I collected mermaid’s purses and mermaids really did exist, only later to discover that these ‘purses’ were in fact the cases of fish eggs. Not quite so appealing. If only we didn’t have to wake from this dream. Take a look and let yourself slip into a state of nostalgia. T: Roberta Phillips.

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July 12, 2013

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June 24, 2013
Let’s Get Factual

Lazying on a Sunday afternoon…well not quite. There is no denying that last weekend was an endurance test for many, an endurance test of the best kind! So here’s how it went, for me at least.

Hair up, trainers on, treasured ticket and entrance to the race in hand (also known as a night pass to Sonar). Energy drinks came in the form of mojitos and tequilas, glugged and shot at the start line only to be later forgotten as we were passed a pair of Kraftwerk 3D glasses and joined the masses in front of four futuristic figures with an 80s tinge. One night down. The second lap took the form of an Off-Sonar beach party where ravers raved and the sea was anyone’s game. At this point I couldn’t quite see the finish line but I knew what was awaiting us: FACT’s Flying Circus Pool Party.

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May 27, 2013
Ellen Rogers and her Mesmeric Muses [lamono magazine]


Raw beauty caught in a moment in time is layed before us in the form of the female body. However, what we see here is not simply an alluring, bewitching subject, but a photograph synonymous with what the image displays. Through analogue photography, combined with a very treasured secret technique, Ellen Rogers has managed to capture our attention entirely in an almost trance like state. Her muses convey a feeling of intimacy and innocence whist maintaining confidence and ease with their natural form – a concoction which is at the heart of all of Ellen’s photography. Having attended Goldsmith’s College she is a London-based analogue photographer and filmmaker and part-time blogger. Read on to hear more about her work and be left anticipating her next ambiguous project.  T: Roberta Phillips. lamono magazine

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